Eliminate Lost Revenue and Human Error

Increase efficiency and accuracy with one-touch medical charting

Re-entering services and care information from notepads or disparate systems at the end of every shift is a surefire way to frustrate your staff, miss services, and ultimately reduce your revenue.

Point of Care’s innovative mobile software allows your caregivers to document and track the services they provide to residents in real time and automatically upload that data into each resident’s Electronic Health Record. Whether they’re online or off, your team can confirm scheduled and unscheduled services with a single click all from one intuitive app.

No more human error. No more lost revenue.

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The benefits of mobile medical charting

Give your team the tools they need to quickly and easily track services from their preferred devices so they can spend less time charting and more time delivering exceptional resident experiences.

Capture Lost Service Revenue

Point of Care customers have reporting documenting over 1,600 additional services worth $26,000 each quarter

Spend More Time with Residents

Eliminating paper processes and duplicative systems will free up over 20 minutes per caregiver each shift to spend with their residents

Prove your ROI

Generate industry leading reports to capture your services and revenue in real-time to prove immediate and sustained results.

With Point of Care, you’ll be able to:

Optimize your revenue

If you’re not managing services, medications, and billing from the same system you’re likely losing revenue from incomplete invoices and human error. With Point of Care, you can document all scheduled and unscheduled services in real-time and have that information automatically added to each resident’s invoice at the end of the month.

Track every service, online or off

Eliminate the disparate documentation systems that are difficult to manage and cause additional work so your caregivers can spend more time doing what they like best – caring for their residents. From a single application, your team can track everything from clinical services, medications, ADLs and even housekeeping and maintenance services, whether they’re online or off.

Centralize your care data

By centralizing data from across your community, you and your caregivers can update, search for and print all information from one platform. This saves you time, eliminates manual errors, and ensures that everyone always has the right level of access to the information they need.

Are you ready to eliminate human error and missed revenue?

Point of Care will end your team’s reliance on cumbersome paperwork so they can work more effectively, improve their level of care and increase revenue. See how your team can save time, money, and frustration with Point of Care by scheduling a demo today!

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