Direct Messaging

Say good-bye to the fax machine

At last, Direct Messaging enables senior living communities to communicate with physicians, hospitals, clinics, and other health care partners across a secure HIPAA-compliant email network designed exclusively for them. Better yet, Direct Messaging makes the sharing of residents’ personal health information faster, easier and more secure than ever.

optimize communication with hipaa compliant messaging

Optimize communication and streamline care

Now providers and senior communities can ease resident transitions by instantly sharing pertinent health data across systems when residents move between different care settings. Direct Messaging makes it easy to instantly address medication concerns, discharge notifications, care summaries, referrals, lab results and more.

Join a powerful professional network

Tens of thousands of providers have already chosen to implement this breakthrough technology. As a result, utilizing Direct Messaging is one of the surest ways to become a preferred referral partner for hospitals, improve quality of care and boost workflow efficiency—all with 100% HIPAA compliance.

Save money and time

Thanks to Direct Messaging’s automatic delivery confirmations, registered mail and courier costs are things of the past—along with time-wasting voicemails and follow-up calls. Use Direct Messaging to:

  • Request relevant information on new residents and patients
  • Find physicians, hospitals, social workers, labs or other healthcare providers
  • Send and receive protected personal health information electronically
  • Works in concert with Eldermark’s Cloud Storage feature
Secure Email automatic delivery confirmations, registered mail and courier costs

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