Eldermark Software Creates Pharmaserv by McKesson Interface to Complete 16 Major Pharmacy Interfaces

By Nick Gustafson Sep 23rd, 2016

Eldermark completes the Pharmaserv by McKesson interface, totaling 16 major pharmacy interface options free to the pharmacy

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Minnetonka, Minn., Sept. 23, 2016 — Eldermark Software has successfully created 16 major pharmacy dispensing interfaces – the most recent being the Pharmaserv by McKesson Interface. EMAR interfaces create seamless connectivity from closed door pharmacies to long term care and senior housing communities nationwide. Eldermark Software has surpassed all other pharmacy interface creators by implementing a mutually beneficial partnership model in which the pharmacy receives EMAR interface compatibility free of charge. Craig Patnode, CEO of Eldermark Software states, “When every other (EHR) electronic health record charges the pharmacy for EMAR per resident, Eldermark does not. Our whole business model has never been to charge the pharmacy as our partner. Pharmacies need to realize they do not need to pay $10 or even $5 per resident to have access to a leading EMAR software provider.”

Eldermark EMAR pharmacy interfaces include a workflow process that ensures the compliance capability and accountability of each (EHR) electronic health record while maintaining the expected safety of resident (PHI) personal health information. Enabling a pharmacy interface allows for direct communication between the dispensing pharmacy and the senior housing community, reducing written medication order errors, allowing for real time monitoring and scheduling of medication orders, eliminating manual entry of orders by the community, and eliminating the inefficient paper-driven workflow of faxing orders to and from the pharmacy. The time that nurses and caregivers save on these tasks may now be spent working directly with residents, or performing other essential tasks.

Eldermark’s extensive pharmacy dispensing interfaces include: Oasis, RNA, Advanced RX, ComputerRX, DX, RXQ, Prodigy, Pioneer, Framework, SuiteRX, RX30, FSI, QS1, Thrifty White, HBS, and now Pharmaserv by McKesson.

Surpassing its competitors, Eldermark places first with the largest number of functioning pharmacy interfaces created and the compassionate motivation to assist the partnered pharmacy and senior housing community in successful, timely business practices. The ease and reliability of interfacing with Eldermark EMAR is what sets the company apart from all others. The free of charge model is a bonus to the already successful platform.

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