Sales CRM for Senior Living

Improve occupancy, extend the reach of your sales team

The best CRM solution built exclusively for Senior Living facilities. Designed with a keen understanding of this market, the Eldermark Sales CRM platform has a
quick learning curve for your team that enables them to focus and improve consistency in their sales efforts.

With tight integration to marketing automation functionality, this solution helps amplify the reach of your sales team to ensure they are making contact with
prospective residents and their families in a timely and effective manner.

We invite you to discuss how Sales CRM Powered by Eldermark will improve communication workflows and processes that can improve the productivity of
your sales representatives. A streamlined process from converting early discussion to an initial tour, followup from initial tours, booking second tours.

Seamlessly connected metrics from marketing through sales and resident move-in allow your team to continually improve workflows to drive occupancy results. We’re happy to showcase how our approach has driven a recent client from 86% to a 92% consistent occupancy rate.

Sharper insights for faster growth

Designed exclusively for the senior care industry, Eldermark’s simple, yet powerful, CRM software gives you the workflow and process management necessary to optimize your sales communications and workflows — to improve consistency of results across reps and drive new tours and onboard new residents.

Designed exclusively for the senior care industry
Turn captured data into actionable insights

Turn captured data into actionable insights

View accurate, up-to-date data on census trends, sales, referrals and more to inform marketing strategies.

Improve marketing performance

Track prospect metrics, communication response and employee close rates to evaluate marketing effectiveness.

Improve marketing performance
Enhance sales productivity

Enhance sales productivity

Keep leads and referral sources organized, create mail merge letters and email campaigns and track marketing communications in real time.

All your data—from dashboard to device

Eldermark’s Sales CRM module is part of our innovative Dashboard software solution, with over 175 integrated data viewing options. Mobile-friendly and completely interoperable, Marketing can be used as a standalone product or as part of the comprehensive Eldermark package. Leads flow seamlessly into the resident’s chart, so you can easily customize your daily data to focus on whatever you need:

  • View up-to-date, accurate census trends
  • Track marketing initiatives in real time
  • Organize wait lists, deposits, and move-ins
  • Set follow-up and task reminders
  • Create essential marketing reports
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
All your data—from dashboard to device

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